Service & Parts

24/7 Emergency Service, Repair & Maintenance

Wolverine provides emergency service and repair 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

  • Abnormal, erratic or unpredictable behavior of a crane should be inspected and evaluated to prevent personal injury and further damage to equipment

Crane Service

Regularly servicing a crane can eliminate costly periods of extensive downtime while serious yet preventable breakdowns are corrected.

  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Certified crane inspections
  • Troubleshooting
  • Recommendations
  • Certified complete repair
  • Modernizations

Crane Logic Service Program

Service & Parts - Crane Logic Service ProgramWolverine Crane provides an industry leading service program focused on reducing overall downtime and expenses while increasing crane longevity.

  • Industry leading inspection software improves efficiency and quality of service processes
    • Our industry leading inspection software provides a detailed but concise electronic report covering all crane & hoist components.
    • Any deficiencies found will be listed with detailed written description and attached photo or video clip for further clarification and review.
    • Our inspections are in accordance with OSHA 1910.179 “periodic” or “frequent” requirements.
  • Preventative maintenance can eliminate costly periods of extensive downtime while serious yet preventable breakdowns are corrected.
    • Be proactive in your maintenance program rather than reactive. Direct the appropriate attention to those component items which require monitoring.
    • Maintaining your investment over the long term.
    • Predictive planning for future repairs.
    • Regular service and inspections are the first step to in preventative maintenance
  • Repair plan development
    • Develop a plan to maintain the reliable operation of your equipment within your maintenance budget.
    • Addressing the components causing repetitive repair issues saves you money over time and increases your equipment’s reliability.
    • Our goal is to positively enhance your plant productivity and maximize your return on investment

Crane Inspections

Service & Parts - Crane InspectionsCrane inspections are a form of preventative maintenance and an important component of our service program. They are a simple means of maintaining company productivity by reducing overall downtime while also preventing crane related injury.

  • Well maintained cranes are safer, last longer, and cost less to operate
  • Help avoid costly repairs & downtime
  • MIOSHA requires inspections of cranes, hoists and lifting equipment
  • What is included in an inspection?
    • Components requiring lubricant are oiled/greased
    • Brakes, emergency systems and safety equipment are inspected and/or tested
    • General operation is evaluated for irregularity and abnormal behavior
    • Final report is printed immediately at the conclusion of the inspection
    • Copies of reports should be stored on site
    • The customer is also made aware of repair items or safety issues at the conclusion of the inspection