Accessories, Attachments & Upgrades

Radio control

  • Efficiently control the movement and operation of cranes within your facility
  • Control crane movement and hoisting with handheld remote without a cable tether to crane

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

  • More control and handling ability than 2 speed systems
  • Infinitely variable speed within frequency range

Load limiters

  • Prevents hoisting loads exceeding the capacity of the crane

Load summing, scales and digital readouts

  • Digital readout indicating the current load on a crane
  • Can double as a load limiter as well

Warning Devices

  • Lights
  • Hornes
  • Zone control
  • Proximity limiting devices

Rigging and slings


  • Economical coil metal handling

Coil grabs

  • Coil handling & manipulation
  • Superior┬ácontrol to C-hooks
  • Ideal for higher duty cycles


  • Optimal for hazardous environments

Vacuum lifters

  • Large steel, aluminum or alloy plate handling

Cab operation

  • Ideal for hazardous/extreme environments
  • Keeps operator away from load
  • Clear view of operating area