Safety & OSHA

All Wolverine Cranes meet or exceed CMAA, HMI, ANSI, NEC and OSHA standards

You’re covered with Wolverine

  • Wolverine Crane carries product liability insurance including completed operations insurance with $5 Million in general liability.
  • We also carry a professional liability policy for our two engineers on staff

Regular inspections

  • Not only are inspections mandated by OSHA, they prevent life threatening incidents through reducing neglect and ignorance of mechanical issues
  • As with any mechanical equipment, regular service is required to maintain optimal working conditions
  • Neglected machinery is likely to fail and cause injury to the operator and others

MIOSHA Requirements

  • Part 18 of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Director’s Office General Industry Standards outlines MIOSHA inspection requirements
    • Most cranes require quarterly inspections
    • The frequency of use and operation environment affects the recommended frequency of conducting inspections. More demanding hoisting capabilities and corrosive environments require more frequent inspection to insure safe crane operation.
    • MIOSHA website